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Shady On Deck Style Sessions PT. 2

Meet Shady on Deck. One of LA's most influential Street-Chic Bloggers

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is urban futuristic warrior!!

Styled by Joy Bullard @TrendingLA

Photographer: Yoshawn Smith @Sartorial.LosAngeles

Designers: Tee/Boxers Mistertriple X Pants: Dunyah,

What inspires you in fashion?

Just having fun. Just expressing myself through clothes and being able to play different roles everyday.

What inspires your style for the day?

Just whatever pops in my head that day. I'm really spontaneous. I know a lot of people in the fashion industry, they follow certain designers and certain trends but I don't follow them as much as I should. I just kind of do whatever I want.

Who is your biggest celebrity style influencer and why?

I would probably say Yolandi from Die Antwoord. I think she's really cool. I just love Die Antwoord. Their just really raw and original. I like the stuff that their doing.

Styled by Tiffany LaVonne #TiffanyLaVonne

Photographer: Yoshawn Smith @Sartorial.LosAngeles

Top, Mesh Pants, shorts, bra-lette, Waist belt: Mistertriple X

Body Chain: Dair Design

Where was the last store you shopped at?

Doll's kill online!!

What did you get from Doll's kill?

I got way too much stuff. I got two pairs of shoes, a couple of distress T's. I got a scalp purse, a couple of leather jackets, a pair of white overalls and a khaki trench coat.

What are your favorite stores to shop at?

Definitely, Dolls kill.

Styled by Josephine Holdbrook @Jovocis Photographer:

Yoshawn Smith @Sartorial.LosAngeles

Top: Mistertriple X Jewelry: Paul Guillemette

What are your fashion must haves?

A cool pair of sunglasses, a comfortable pair of sneakers, probably some statement piece like a really cool bold jacket. I also like matching two piece sets.

Can you tell us more about Shady's closet?

I launched Shady's Closet in 2013. I was djing while I was at USC and I got more money from that and I was able to kinda buy more clothes. When I would wear clothes at the shows I was playing, a lot of people would come up to me and ask where did you get those shoes? Where did you get that top? I would tell them and my boyfriend was like, your making all this money for these other brands by wearing their stuff and promoting it. Why don't you just start your own online clothing store and I was like that kinda makes sense. So that's how I started it.

What are your hopes for Shady's closet in the future?

I would love to have a physical location. I want to start another brand that is more focused on urban street wear.

Styled by Tiffany LaVonne #TiffanyLaVonne

Photographer: Yoshawn Smith @Sartorial.LosAngeles

Designer Top: Mistertriple X

Hat: Jamar Hart Collection

Eyewear: Ton Pret

What advice can you give to others who want to do what you do?

I would just say, do your research. Don't get too in over your head in the beginning cause it's really easy to just start buying everything. I would say start small, kinda see what sells the best and then increase from there.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I started another company, Love by Luna which is an astrology inspired brand and the official website for that is supposed to be up in a few weeks. So that's the main thing that I have going on and I might start djing again with my boyfriend. He's a really great dj. He's n2n. Shoutout to @n2nmusic. We are kamasutra on instagram.

Styled by Tiffany LaVonne #TiffanyLaVonne

Photographer: Yoshawn Smith @Sartorial.LosAngeles

Top: Dair Design

Pants: B.James

What's in your music playlist?

My music playlist is so random right now. I don't think I've updated my iTunes in a while. It's a combination of aerosmith, Barry Manilow and 2 chainz.

Whose your favorite artist?

I really like kirabu, Die Antwoord and Kesha .

Styled by Tiffany LaVonne #TiffanyLaVonne

Photographer: Yoshawn Smith @Sartorial.LosAngeles

Jacket/Choker: Odaingerous

Pants: Dunyah

Stay Connected!!

Influencer: @ShadyOnDeck //

Meet The Team:

Photographer @Sartorial.LosAngeles

Stylist: @Jovocis @TrendingLA #TiffanyLavonne @Thestylebarre

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