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A day in the life of MADE LA | Joy Rich x Snoop | Opening Ceremony

On June 10th, Snoop Dogg and Joy Rich collaborated to create the ultimate 90’s hip-hop inspired collection. Walking into the dimly lit event deck, I was surrounded by old school Cadillac’s, street signs, and people decked out in their most glam street wear. With the words “Merry Jane” projected on the screen, the stench filled hazy air was booming with anticipation.Was Snoop really going to try to follow up Opening Ceremony’s show from the day prior? Let me tell you, Snoop did more than impress; the fur jackets, the blue bandanna print, the baggy pants, and the velour tracksuits (my god, the velour tracksuits!) left the audience in awe.As an iconic figure of 90’s hip-hop, Snoop’s collection was authentic to the absolute core. Snoop, what can I say; you’re collection embodied everything that you are. Thank you for a fantastic show. Xoxo

Model Shaun Ross came through to Opening Ceremony's runway show in a statement yellow bubble jacket designed by B. James // Styled by Roman Sipe.

Photo Courtesy of Juliann Mccandless

Designer: @City_of_Bjames

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