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Kellie Sweet Style Session

What’s poppin? What’s good?? What it is??? Whaasssaaaaappppp??

Recognize that introduction? Yes? No? Are you confused? Let’s back up.

19-year-old Youtube sensation Kellie Sweet engages her 1 million+ subscribers nearly everyday with this signature video introduction. Kellie creates videos pertaining to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, comedy and more; and we have to admit it, she’s pretty damn funny (Oh, and sweet of corse)! Last week on a humid LA afternoon (I know, that statement was basically an oxymoron), Kellie and Style Barre’s creative team hit the streets of downtown to create a killer visual production, and we were lucky enough to learn a little but about Kellie while doing so.

How do you come up with new ideas for channel content? Where do you find your inspiration?

Just living. Just walking around or I could be in a situation and I’ll think 'Oh that would be a funny skit.' It just comes to me through visuals and through living

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up late unless I have a shoot or if I’m going to do a collab with somebody, but normally I’ll take out a notebook and jot down ideas or take a look at the ideas I already have. Then I’ll film videos and edit them. Later at night I like to get together with my friends and watch movies and talk and just hangout.

What is your best tip for gaining on online presence?

Consistency. If you’re not consistent people aren’t gonna subscribe, people aren’t gonna follow. They think ‘oh we cant rely on her. Yeah she’s cool, yeah she’s creative, but we cant rely on her.’

What are your three staple wardrobe items?

Vans, I’m a big shoe person. I really like sweatpants- I like to wear sweatpants with heels and with sneakers. Oh, and bandoues I have a million different types.

What are your favorite trends at the moment?

I like the fishnet thing; even though it’s kind of being played out I still like it, I still think its bomb. I think ripped jeans will forever be something I love. Baggy ripped jeans and mom jeans are always cute. I don’t know, I’m trendy but I’m not really in the trends. Like I wear things that people don’t really wear, you know?

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Umm that I have other talents, like I sing. I used to sing at church; I was the lead singer. I grew up in theatre, and I also used to do spoken word poetry and perform them in front of people

What is something you would want to tell your 15-year-old self?

Homegirl slow down! You don’t wanna grow up too soon—we just chillin.

What are you most looking forward to?

Im working on my clothing line so hopefully next year that will be out. (she’s designing everything) Also getting into acting. I’ve already been getting into acting, and who knows what Ill book in the future.

Who is she wearing???

Pink Look

Bodysuit, Mister Triple X

Skirt, Style Barre Collections

Mesh Overlay, Mishi New York

Necklace, Shop Quirk LA

Lace up Pants Look

Bodysuit, Mister Triple X

Sunglasses, Shop Quirk LA

Mesh Pants Look

Top, Style Barre Collections

Windbreaker, Style Barre Collections

Choker, Shop Faarrow


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